Our services includes:

Consulting on operations in Russia and CIS.

Collecting data, market research and analysis (Russian importers, exporters, distributors, targeted business partners)

Assistance in organization of business trips, meetings, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and etc.

Legal matters, assistance during negotiations.

Search for importers, distributors and business partners.

Translations, development of presentation materials.

Development of business plans, project documentation and specifications.

Communication of business offers and presentation materials to selected prospects.

Agents services.

Advertising and PR campaigns in Russian media.

Consultations and management of effective advertisement campaigns in local online and offline media: Google Ad Words, Yandex Direct, web sites and portals, magazines, newspapers, catalogs and etc.

Distribution of promo materials during targeted shows, forums and expos in Russia

Internet campaigns targeted to Russia & CIS.

Web sites development in Russian language

Advertisement campaigns in Google AdWords and Yandex Direct with keywords and ads in Russian

E-mailing campaigns and other activities


Lobbying of interests of private persons and corporate institutions in Russia.

Business services.

Incorporation of Russian companies(LLCs, IEs), work permits

HR, office rent, cerifications, custom services

Legal support and advisory: taxes, local fees and etc. 

Our prices

Representation services - we act as your business unit in Russia.

1 hours per day/5 hours per week/20 hours per month - 400 euros.

2 hours per day/10 hours per week/40 hours per month - 750 euros.

3 hours per day/15 hours per week/60 hours per month - 1000 euros.

4 hours per day/20 hours per week/80 hours per month - 1300 euros.


Green Konka Foods CO.,LTD(Qingdao, China)

Provided services:

-Professional translations from English to Russian.

-Selection of oriental food importers in Russia

-Development of website in Russian language

-Advertisement campaign in Google AdWords(including keywords and ads in Russian language).